The 4 Essentials for Life

As a Cell Biologist, Peter asked himself, “What do my cells need in order to be healthy?” If something is essential for life, then it is a powerful tool for healing.

1)    Food

Body cells need raw material to grow and repair. The saying, “You are what you eat,” is a reality.


2)    Water

Water cleanses the body. It delivers nutrients. Circulation to cells, i.e. delivery of oxygen and nutrients, is dependent on water.


3)    Air

Breathing eliminates carbon dioxide and brings in oxygen. Oxygen powers energy production in every cell of the body.


4)    Love

Cells have to be in communion with their neighbors and connected to the whole body. They have to be in relationship with the body. If cells stop listening and do their own thing, they move toward cancer.


You live weeks without food, days without water, minutes without air, and wouldn’t exist at all without love.


Our society has an understanding of how influential Food can be for healing. Imagine how much more powerful Water, Air, and Love can be! Using all four Essentials for Life in your wellness journey leverages that power – and gives your cells resources that they need to be healthy!


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