What do I work on first?

Often people get overwhelmed with what to start with — and then don’t start. Let me tell you a little secret, wellness programs don’t work unless you do them!

Let’s get an action plan in place – so you can take the next step on your wellness journey!

First Steps – if you haven’t done these, yet — do them (now)!

  • Implement Morning Water
  • Learn (and do) Therapeutic Breath

The YL Wellness Program is designed for a total body and lifestyle overhaul! (And, most people need a complete overhaul.)

This cannot be accomplished in a day or a week. It takes committed action. So, make that commitment to yourself – you’re going to work on your wellness every day! (The alternative isn’t pretty…)

Young Living’s Essential Rewards program makes this even easier — and you end up getting some of your Next Steps for FREE!


Wellness Strategy

If you are just beginning with Stop the Poison, that’s a great place to start! Each month, make sure you are taking another step to minimize your exposure to harsh chemical toxins!

Then, pick how you’re going to Flood the Body with Nutrients.

And, keep learning and implementing more ways to Manage Stress!


Monthly Programs

You can do the whole program or pick what fits your time and money budget.

Let’s use Month 1 as an example and go over several options for how to use the programs.

images of Young Living products to order

1) One option is to focus on Stop the Poison for each month, watch the videos and learn about your body (and increase your wellness skills). Use your Premium Starter Kit essential oils. Pick one or two supplements to work with for the month — ex. Sulfurzyme and the Vitality essential oils.

For Month 1:

  • Stop the Poison and get rid of artificial fragrances from your home and immediate environment!
  • Start eliminating trans fats from your diet –> Ex. don’t allow it into your home.
  • Use Raven and other essential oils and blends from your Premium Starter Kit.
  • Order Sulfurzyme and Laurus Nobilis Vitality.

2) There are already two options built into the YL Wellness Program — and BONUS they help you maximize your rewards and freebies from Young Living! The first is the 100 PV option.

This option is designed to get you several tools to engage and work with the body system of the month, including supplements to support it.

For Month 1:

  • Stop the Poison and get rid of artificial fragrances from your home and immediate environment!
  • Start eliminating trans fats from your diet –> Ex. don’t allow it into your home.
  • Use Raven and other essential oils and blends from your Premium Starter Kit.
  • Order Sulfurzyme capsules, Super C, and Laurus Nobilis Vitality essential oil.

3) This option provides you with MANY tools to engage with the body system for the month, including tools for lifestyle changes, as well as supplements to support it.

This is an especially good option if your body needs extra support for this system.

An added benefit to doing the 300 PV option is that you MAXIMIZE your freebies from Young Living. We often get supplies for future months’ programs for FREE!

And, by the end of the year, with this option, you build up a thorough tool chest. As you grow your wellness skills through the year, you will find that you will start to know what your body needs in the moment. And, you’ll have the supplements and oils in your home to utilize!

For month 1:

  • Stop the Poison and get rid of artificial fragrances from your home and immediate environment!
  • Start eliminating trans fats from your diet –> Ex. don’t allow it into your home.
  • Use Raven and other essential oils and blends from your Premium Starter Kit.
  • Order Sulfurzyme capsules, Super C, and Laurus Nobilis Vitality essential oil.
  • Add to your order Detoxzyme, OrthoSport Massage Oil, Release essential oil blend, plus more oils (RC, Breathe Again, Myrtle) OR NingXia Red & Lime Vitality


Your Strategy

The power of the 3-Part Wellness Strategy is moving forward with all three parts simultaneously. Each month, set a goal for each part of the Wellness Strategy!

This is built into the YL Wellness Program. You can tailor it to fit your current situation and goals!

Take a moment and write down your immediate action plan and wellness goals.



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Body Systems & the YL Wellness Program

Body Systems and the YL Wellness Program

You have the opportunity to consider each of your body systems. Through this process, you may find out which system needs to be your primary focus. You may find out that there are many that need your attention.

You also may start to understand that during your daily life, one body system is crying out for your attention, but that it’s being influenced by others that may need your attention first.

In the YL Wellness Program, we start with the Respiratory System first because Air is such a powerful tool, as one of the 4 Essentials for Life. If we can increase our breath capacity, and therefore, oxygen, even by a little bit, that can help our overall wellness and make all of our other efforts more effective.

Next is the Fluid System, with the blood and the lymph. Increased oxygen goes to the blood. With a better functioning Fluid System, that oxygen can be carried to every part of the body more effectively!

After that, we focus on the Digestive System. We can use our 3-Part Wellness Strategy and Flood the Body with Nutrients… but those nutrients need to get INTO the body, which relies on a healthy digestive system!

With the Digestive System, we also focus on the liver, which helps with the Stop the Poison part of the 3-Part Wellness Strategy. The liver helps neutralize toxins so that they can be eliminated through the pee and the poop! As we Stop the Poison and Flood the Body with Nutrients, we can experience a natural cleansing reaction. Giving the liver the nutrients it needs to be efficient in cleansing makes that process easier!

Then comes the Elimination System or getting the waste out. We focus on the kidneys and the colon. Supporting this system helps to make sure things don’t get backed up and waste (current and past) moves out efficiently!

Sometimes, we’d like to jump into a system that’s crying for our attention on a daily basis, whether it’s the Reproductive System or Endocrine System (both dealing with aspects of our hormones) or Integumentary System or Immune System. Making sure those first four body systems are working optimally can make your efforts at supporting the other body systems more effective and efficient!

For example, many people experience joint discomfort and think, very reasonably, that they should support the Musculo-Skeletal System first. What if the discomfort is from too much inflammation because the Digestive System is leaking irritants into the bloodstream? Or if the Elimination System is backed up? Or if harsh toxic chemicals have built up over time?

With that added perspective, it would be reasonable to start to Flood the Body with Nutrients to support the Musculo-Skeletal System AND start with Month 1 of the YL Wellness Program to begin to cleanse out the irritants that have built up.


Download the FREE e-book, “YL Wellness Program Companion,” and access Quick Assessments for each of the body systems.

These assessments are not meant to be exhaustive or to give you a score. They are meant to get you thinking about your body, your health history, and perhaps some unexpected sources of stress for each body system.

Through this process, you will start to get clues about where you need to focus your attention for your next steps on your wellness journey!



Check out the post for each body system”

Respiratory System – Month 1

Fluid System – Month 2

Digestive System – Month 3

Elimination System – Month 4

Integumentary System – Month 5

Reproductive System – Month 6

Musculo-Skeletal System – Month 7

Cardiovascular System – Month 8

Nervous System – Month 9

Immune System – Month 10

Endocrine System – Month 11

Cellular Health + the 5 Senses – Month 12


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The 4 Essentials for Life

As a Cell Biologist, Peter asked himself, “What do my cells need in order to be healthy?” If something is essential for life, then it is a powerful tool for healing.

1)    Food

Body cells need raw material to grow and repair. The saying, “You are what you eat,” is a reality.


2)    Water

Water cleanses the body. It delivers nutrients. Circulation to cells, i.e. delivery of oxygen and nutrients, is dependent on water.


3)    Air

Breathing eliminates carbon dioxide and brings in oxygen. Oxygen powers energy production in every cell of the body.


4)    Love

Cells have to be in communion with their neighbors and connected to the whole body. They have to be in relationship with the body. If cells stop listening and do their own thing, they move toward cancer.


You live weeks without food, days without water, minutes without air, and wouldn’t exist at all without love.


Our society has an understanding of how influential Food can be for healing. Imagine how much more powerful Water, Air, and Love can be! Using all four Essentials for Life in your wellness journey leverages that power – and gives your cells resources that they need to be healthy!


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Dr. Minke’s 3-Part Wellness Strategy

In Peter’s own wellness journey, he tried just about anything anyone told him might help. It was a bit of a splat with lots of different changes and modalities going on at once. Through this process, he started to notice when his wellness journey was accelerating in the positive direction — and when it started to stall out.

His wellness journey accelerates in the positive direction when he’s doing something for all three of these categories:

  • Stop the Poison
  • Flood the Body with Nutrients
  • Manage Stress

1)    Stop the Poison

Our modern lives can be full of toxins! But, we have control over what we put ON and IN our bodies. Minimize your exposure to harsh, toxic chemicals. Clear your personal environment.

Pay attention to what causes you to feel bad.

The cleaner your environment gets, the more you will notice when something affects you negatively.


2)    Flood the Body with Nutrients

You can also help your body be strong to weather toxicity when you encounter it, and to cleanse from past and present exposures. When you give your body what it needs, it does good things with those resources! Your body is made good (actually, very good). Your native state is wellness.

Start paying attention to what your body likes and is asking for.

As you practice and grow this skill, you will be surprised at the specific and accurate information you can perceive from your body!


3)    Manage Stress

Stress ages the body and accumulates to wreak havoc on just about every system of the body. You can change your thoughts and your reactions to stress! Deep breathing is a POWERFUL way to calm your body and help you feel more grounded in the present moment.


Notice when your stress level is higher. What are you reacting to? How can you change the situation?


You will grow in the skills of knowing when you are stressed AND in calming down and relaxing!


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The YL Wellness Program

What do I work on first?

YL Wellness Program! Month 11: Endocrine System

images of Young Living products to orderThere are many participating glands/organs in the endocrine system: pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, etc. This month we have an opportunity to apply our wellness strategy of stop the poison, flood with nutrients, and manage stress all in the context of our hormones. Each major gland will be included in our supplement, essential oil, and education program but we need to be reasonable about our expectations. Spending a few weeks focusing on our hormone system is not going to solve all our problems but we CAN take concrete steps to improved our wellness. If you have not already done so, please eliminate all synthetic fragrances as part of the focus this month.

Hormones, especially if they are out of balance, can rule our lives. But what can we do about it? Here is a product list as we prepare for our wellness program to support the endocrine system.

The list of Young Living products to buy for this month.

Products for the Endocrine System

  • EndoGize capsules
  • Slique Tea (2 boxes)
  • EndoFlex Vitality essential oil
  • Einkorn product (choose one: pasta or granola)

——–Cut off for 100 PV option——–

Additional Products (300 PV option)

  • Super B
  • Relaxation Massage Oil
  • Oola Fitness essential oil blend
  • Coriander essential oil
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil
  • choose one: Bon Voyage Travel Pack or Essentialzyme-4

Follow this link to YouTube to view all of the videos for Month 11: Endocrine System.

Videos Include:
A Wellness Program for the Endocrine System
Endocrine System: Overiew
Cleansing the Endocrine System: Therapeutic Breath
Learn to Calm the Adrenal Glands
How to Take Our Supplements for the Endocrine System
EndoGize and EndoFlex: Supplements for Endocrine Support
Essential Oil Enhanced Massage for Endocrine System
Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis
B Vitamin Overview: Super B Product Review