Body Systems and the YL Wellness Program

You have the opportunity to consider each of your body systems. Through this process, you may find out which system needs to be your primary focus. You may find out that there are many that need your attention.

You also may start to understand that during your daily life, one body system is crying out for your attention, but that it’s being influenced by others that may need your attention first.

In the YL Wellness Program, we start with the Respiratory System first because Air is such a powerful tool, as one of the 4 Essentials for Life. If we can increase our breath capacity, and therefore, oxygen, even by a little bit, that can help our overall wellness and make all of our other efforts more effective.

Next is the Fluid System, with the blood and the lymph. Increased oxygen goes to the blood. With a better functioning Fluid System, that oxygen can be carried to every part of the body more effectively!

After that, we focus on the Digestive System. We can use our 3-Part Wellness Strategy and Flood the Body with Nutrients… but those nutrients need to get INTO the body, which relies on a healthy digestive system!

With the Digestive System, we also focus on the liver, which helps with the Stop the Poison part of the 3-Part Wellness Strategy. The liver helps neutralize toxins so that they can be eliminated through the pee and the poop! As we Stop the Poison and Flood the Body with Nutrients, we can experience a natural cleansing reaction. Giving the liver the nutrients it needs to be efficient in cleansing makes that process easier!

Then comes the Elimination System or getting the waste out. We focus on the kidneys and the colon. Supporting this system helps to make sure things don’t get backed up and waste (current and past) moves out efficiently!

Sometimes, we’d like to jump into a system that’s crying for our attention on a daily basis, whether it’s the Reproductive System or Endocrine System (both dealing with aspects of our hormones) or Integumentary System or Immune System. Making sure those first four body systems are working optimally can make your efforts at supporting the other body systems more effective and efficient!

For example, many people experience joint discomfort and think, very reasonably, that they should support the Musculo-Skeletal System first. What if the discomfort is from too much inflammation because the Digestive System is leaking irritants into the bloodstream? Or if the Elimination System is backed up? Or if harsh toxic chemicals have built up over time?

With that added perspective, it would be reasonable to start to Flood the Body with Nutrients to support the Musculo-Skeletal System AND start with Month 1 of the YL Wellness Program to begin to cleanse out the irritants that have built up.


Download the FREE e-book, “YL Wellness Program Companion,” and access Quick Assessments for each of the body systems.

These assessments are not meant to be exhaustive or to give you a score. They are meant to get you thinking about your body, your health history, and perhaps some unexpected sources of stress for each body system.

Through this process, you will start to get clues about where you need to focus your attention for your next steps on your wellness journey!



Check out the post for each body system”

Respiratory System – Month 1

Fluid System – Month 2

Digestive System – Month 3

Elimination System – Month 4

Integumentary System – Month 5

Reproductive System – Month 6

Musculo-Skeletal System – Month 7

Cardiovascular System – Month 8

Nervous System – Month 9

Immune System – Month 10

Endocrine System – Month 11

Cellular Health + the 5 Senses – Month 12


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