Hot Fudge Cake

Here’s one of my favorite cake recipes.  In general, we endeavor to reduce our sugar intake (in any form).  And, we still have birthday cakes.  This particular recipe makes it’s own icing.  This is a benefit not only for reducing the preparation time, but also because icing can be tricky if there are different dietary restrictions to deal with and varied levels of healthy eating.  This “Hot Fudge Cake” recipe utilizes whole grain flour*, non-refined sugar, and is vegan.  And, believe it or not, it passes the potluck test: most people will actually eat the serving they are given at parties and potlucks (rather than leaving it on the plate).

We’ve used this cake at family birthday parties. The adults tend to request it, but it has also been a “swamp” cake at a Shrek birthday party and for a no-theme-please-tween party.

A healthier alternative for cake.

Notes: The main recipe is for a 9×11 inch pan.  I’ve added a column to increase it to fit a 10×13 inch pan.  When spreading the batter in the pan, the batter will be thick, pasty.

* Young Living now offers Einkorn Flour (flour from non-hybridized wheat). We have switched to using that, and it works well with this recipe.