What I Learned Today: School of Nature’s Remedies

Just returned from School of Nature’s Remedies that Peter presented here in Bryan, Texas.  It was a well-organized curriculum covering most of the health and wellness issues that we deal with on a daily basis.  Having lived with Peter for many years now, I’ve heard most of the information in one format or another.  That said, I learned a lot!  It’s interesting to me how the same information presented in a new timing and received with a new understanding becomes NEW.

So, this is my report of the lessons I learned today and what are my current foci to increase my wellness.

  • There is a health assessment questionnaire that was provided as part of the “School of Nature’s Remedies,” a sort of inventory to rate issues that were related to the 6 different topics.

Not surprisingly, the area I need to work on most is emotional — how I am managing stress on a daily basis.  Surprisingly, my homework is to “laugh more.”  I have to admit that one hasn’t often made it to the top of my to-do list.  Now, I’m focusing on putting it there!  My son ds2 inspired me by stating, “I need to relax!” and pulling out a favorite DVD of a stand-up comedian (Tim Hawkins).

  • I need to focus on the quality of fat in my body!

For many years, we’ve eaten a clean diet which includes paying attention to the quality of fat that is going in (i.e. no trans fats, no fried fat, minimal organic or local clean animal products, and supplying good fat).

Peter discussed the parts of the anatomy that have high fat content: nervous system, including the brain, connective tissue, breasts.  Then, he had us envision what happens to fat sitting on the counter that becomes oxidized (rancid).  Ewww!  Definitely don’t want rancid fat in my body!  It also helped me to visualize my brain and something I can focus on to keep it healthy.

The homework I’ve given myself is to put essential oils on everyday, to supplement good quality fat, and to use castor oil and other natural massage oils to help cleanse fat and support healthy tissue.



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