Day 5 – Wellness Bootcamp While at Home

2020_06 WBH Day 5_PinDuring this time of uncertainty and change, we have the opportunity to build and practice our skills at managing stress! In our experience, we don’t just naturally get better at managing stress as we get older — it requires intention and practice!

Providentially, we have an amazing tool to help us manage stress: Stress Away essential oil blend. It’s aptly named.

stress away_graphicIn our “real life” video, we talk about how to intervene in your day with Stress Away. Keep it in your pocket and do an “Oil Intervention” every waking hour!


  1. Put Stress Away in your pocket, set a timer, and do an “Oil Intervention” every waking hour!
  2. Practice interrupting negative thought patterns and introducing a positive thought. Focusing on your breath is a strategy to do that.

While using your Stress Away essential oil blend, you can say an affirmation or meditate on a scripture verse!

  • Affirmation: I breathe out stress and breathe in peace [or light or love...]. My mind focuses on positive thoughts with grace and ease. I let go of worried thoughts and contemplate positive possibilities!
  • Scripture: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” ~ Psalm 51:10 (ESV)

Diffuser Blends with Stress Away essential oil blend

I like to diffuse Stress Away by itself — put 6-8 drops in one of the ultrasonic diffusers!

stress away_baking blissstress away_candy cane

rootbeer float diffuser

Other videos mentioned:

We also talked about the Aroma Freedom Technique, developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus.

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  • Note: “Winter Wellness” is a 3 part course archived in our subscription Facebook group. That course is packed with useful tips and strategies for managing the Wellness Strategy under stress!


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