Dr. Minke’s 3-Part Wellness Strategy

In Peter’s own wellness journey, he tried just about anything anyone told him might help. It was a bit of a splat with lots of different changes and modalities going on at once. Through this process, he started to notice when his wellness journey was accelerating in the positive direction — and when it started to stall out.

His wellness journey accelerates in the positive direction when he’s doing something for all three of these categories:

  • Stop the Poison
  • Flood the Body with Nutrients
  • Manage Stress

1)    Stop the Poison

Our modern lives can be full of toxins! But, we have control over what we put ON and IN our bodies. Minimize your exposure to harsh, toxic chemicals. Clear your personal environment.

Pay attention to what causes you to feel bad.

The cleaner your environment gets, the more you will notice when something affects you negatively.


2)    Flood the Body with Nutrients

You can also help your body be strong to weather toxicity when you encounter it, and to cleanse from past and present exposures. When you give your body what it needs, it does good things with those resources! Your body is made good (actually, very good). Your native state is wellness.

Start paying attention to what your body likes and is asking for.

As you practice and grow this skill, you will be surprised at the specific and accurate information you can perceive from your body!


3)    Manage Stress

Stress ages the body and accumulates to wreak havoc on just about every system of the body. You can change your thoughts and your reactions to stress! Deep breathing is a POWERFUL way to calm your body and help you feel more grounded in the present moment.


Notice when your stress level is higher. What are you reacting to? How can you change the situation?


You will grow in the skills of knowing when you are stressed AND in calming down and relaxing!


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