YL Wellness Program! Month 10: Immune System

images of Young Living products to orderThe wellness focus for supporting the immune system is to avoid germ exposures and to cleanse out heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Young Living Essential Oils has numerous products to help us in both of these categories. Also, the boosting power of Thieves Vitality combined with flooding the blood stream with immediate sensations of nutrients through chewable supplements will help us be more in tune to the cellular functions of the immune system.

The immune system operates throughout the body but with very few specific structures. We can talk about the innate immunity and the adaptive immunity, how vaccines damage the innate immunity in order to over-stimulate the adaptive immunity (produce antibodies), and how if we follow our wellness strategy of not poisoning ourselves, we should avoid all vaccines in their current forms (loaded with toxins). Vaccines aside, we need to support a healthy immune system by keeping inflammation at healthy levels and making sure our oxidant/antioxidant systems are balanced. We will be talking more about this over the next month.

The list of Young Living products to buy for this month.

Products for the Immune System

  • Kidscents MightyVites (not just for children)
  • Super C Chewable
  • Thieves Vitality essential oil
  • Thieves Hand Purifier
  • Thieves Spray
  • Thieves Lozenges

——–Cut off for 100 PV option——–

Additional Products (300 PV option)

  • JuvaCleanse Vitality
  • NingXia Red (2 pk)
  • Sulfurzyme Powder
  • Lime Vitality
  • Yacon Syrup (or Life 9 probiotic)

Follow this link to YouTube to view all of the videos forĀ Month 10: Immune System.

Videos Include:
What to Order to Support the Immune System
Overview: Immune System, Vaccines
Perimeter Defense: Hygiene and Immune System Check
How Imporant Are Your Tonsils?
Here is Our Program for Supporting the Immune System
Stop Poisoning the Immune System: Heavy Metal Cleanse
MightyVites Chewable MultiVitamin: Product Commentary
Super C Chewable: Protect Your Immune Cells
Anti-Microbial Products Are Harsh and Toxic
DIY Fail! Ethanol Throat Spray with Thieves
What Can We Do About Autoimmune Issues?
YaconSyrup: Tonic for the Immune System
Gut Health and the Immune System
Thymus and Spleen, Oils and Breathing

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