YL Wellness Program! Month 12: Cellular (Antioxidant)

images of Young Living products to orderNot all topics fit into a body system. This month we will be wrapping up our year-long program talking about cellular processes and how we can use wellness tools to support our bodies at the cellular level.

The list of Young Living products to buy for this month.

Products for Cellular Health

  • MultiGreen capsules
  • CitrusFresh Vitality essential oil
  • NingXia Red (2 pk) – two 25 oz. bottles

——–Cut off for 100 PV option——–

Additional Products (300 PV option)

  • Sulfurzyme Powder
  • Lime Vitality oil
  • Raindrop Therapy Oil Kit

Follow this link to YouTube to view all of the videos forĀ Month 12: Cellular (Antioxidant)

Videos Include:
What to Order for Cellular Health
Healthy Cells, Healthy Body: Cellular Wellness
How to Do Our Program for Cellular Wellness
Can Essential Oils Reprogram Your DNA?
Raindrop Therapy: Powerhouse Kit of Essential Oils
Food Becomes Cells

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