YL Wellness Program! Month 6: Reproductive System

images of Young Living products to orderThis system is perhaps a little more challenging for designing a one-size-fits-all program
because biologically as humans we have two different reproductive-based genders. However, I believe the program below applies equally well to both males and females as foundational support. During the month we will be highlighting many other products from Young Living that have very targeted applications for women or men.

The list of Young Living products to buy for this month.

Products for the Reproductive System (both male and female)

  • PowerGize (capsules)
  • SclarEssence Vitality essential oil
  • Mineral Essence
  • Sacred Mountain essential oil blend

——–Cut off for 100 PV option——–

Additional Products (300 PV option)

  • Valor essential oil blend
  • SARA essential oil blend
  • Mirah shave oil – or – Shutran shave cream
  • Pure Protein Complete (chocolate or vanilla) X 2 – or – Slique Shake X 2
  • (optional) Sulfurzyme

Follow this link to YouTube to view all of the videos forĀ Month 6: Reproductive System.

Videos Include:
What to Order to Support the Reproductive System
Reproductive System: Overview of Biology
Modern Challenges to Reproduction
Mineral Essence: Vital Support for the Reproductive System
PowerGize for Reproductive Support
SclarEssence (Vitality): Not Just for Women
Enhanced Massage for a Healthy Reproductive System
How to Do Our Wellness Program for the Reproductive System
Stop Poisoning the Reproductive System
SARA and Valor: Emotional Support for Our Sexuality
THE Biggest Downer to Sex and Reproduction
Let’s Talk About Progessence Plus
Femigen for Cycling Women
Options for Flooding the Reproductive System with Nutrients
Teens: Supplements for Smooth Transitions
Let’s Talk About Prostate Health
Men Are Visual, Women Are Auditory
Core Tone and Circulation = Better Sex
Breathing for Better Sex

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