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Welcome to wellness!  Are you ready for the New Year? Don’t just talk the talk… Walk the Wellness Walk for 2019.

  • Do you need help to stay well?
  • Would you like to minimize your learning curve on the whole wellness thing?
  • Do you find it easy to fall off the wellness wagon?

Here at Minke Wellness, wellness is the only option.

Everyone gets off track; it’s what you do to get back on that makes the difference.  When we get off track, we get back on as quickly as possible.  Doing that takes experience and commitment following a wellness strategy.

Join us on a yearlong journey for 2019 as we implement a wellness strategy that encompasses lifestyle changes, diet adjustments (or overhaul), expert advice on supplementation and use of essential oils, and daily action steps in video format.

Would you believe this is free on MinkeWellness?  What’s the catch?  There’s no catch… click here for more information.

At MinkeWellness.com you can expect to find information to help you minimize your learning curve and maximize your wellness!

  • Understand the profound impact your structural body has on your health.
  • Learn scientific research on natural health solutions.
  • Receive practical tips for your daily life from people who live what they teach.
  • Learn to think holistically about your health through engaging information presented by experienced educators.
  • Embrace healthy living for your whole family.

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Our FREE audio training: “Breathing for Christians” by Peter Minke, PhD

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