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Aston-Patterning therapy includes

  • Postural Assessment
  • Massage & Bodywork (to facilitate postural change and ease of movement)
  • Movement Coaching
  • Ergonomics

Clients benefit from Aston-Patterning therapy in many ways, from easing pain and discomfort to optimizing performance (job, athletics, music). They often find us after they’ve “tried everything.”

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Your body can be more optimally aligned and move more effortlessly and efficiently!

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You can benefit from our 22 years in practice, specializing in a wellness approach, and incorporating arthro, visceral, cranial, and lymph therapies.

hands-on service since 1997We’re happy to work with people of all ages, from newborn infants to elderly!

We have a home office in south Bryan, Texas.

For more information or to schedule a therapy appointment, call or text our office cell number at 979-492-9492.

Helpful Resources

Learn more about Aston-Patterning from the creator, Judith Aston, at Aston Kinetics!

Video Examples of Movement Units

Arcing: “Breathing is a Full Body Exercise

Sit to Stand: “Strengthen Your Core the Easy Way

Sitting & Standing GRF: “Exercises to Pump the Lymph”

What is a session like?

Each therapy session is tailored to your specific goals, the condition of your body, and the problems you may be experiencing.

Before starting any treatment, your Aston-Patterning Practitioner will take a detailed history, asking about any incidents in your life which may have had an impact on your body. You will be asked about the ways you currently use your body – both at work and at play – and when you experience pain or fatigue.

Then comes pretreatment testing: you will be asked to perform simple movements (for example, walking, sitting, bending, and standing) as well as specific Aston movements that all the practitioner to observe your postural alignment and tension holding patterns. The information is transferred to a chart (a new one is made each session).

The pre-test also allows you to be more specifically aware of your own movements to know how your body moves and feels before changes are made.

The Spiraling Touch, part of the Aston approach, releases unnecessary tension from surface to bone, without adding pain. Arthro-kinetics techniques address restrictions at the bone and joint level, as well as structural patterns that affect the body three-dimensionally.

Post-testing follows your treatment session, so that you can experience the changes that have taken place.


Choose from these session types:

1.5-Hour Aston-Patterning Session

  • Scheduled in a 2-hour time
  • This is our typical Aston-Patterning session. It includes in-depth assessment, bodywork, and movement coaching. From the assessment, we design a bodywork and movement coaching session to best facilitate a whole-body (even whole-person), incremental step out of dysfunctional body patterns.
  • This session is recommended for people who have a specific issue they desire to work on, ranging from pain to optimal atheltic movement.
  • $150

1-Hour Aston-Patterning Session

  • Scheduled in a 1.5-hour time
  • This session includes many aspects of the 1.5-hour session (above), but in less detail. There’s a brief assessment followed by bodywork or movement coaching.
  • This session often resembles a typical massage session, but the focus of the therapist is to help you incrementally move out of dysfunctional body patterns. Clients who come regularly for this session often report being relaxed during and after the session and feeling their general sense of well-being in their body increase over time.
  • $100

Spa-Hour Aston Massage

  • Scheduled in a 1-hour time
  • This session is what we affectionately label our “spa massage,” for anyone who wants to come in, relax, and be pampered. It flows through a routine, while also addressing specific individual issues.
  • Often babies and children come in
  • Essential oils can be added during the session for an aromatherapy experience.
  • $75

4-Handed Aston-Patterning Session

  • Scheduled in a 1.5-hour or 2-hour time
  • Because Aston-Patterning works through the body and affects tissue between the therapist’s hands, when 4 hands work together, much more tissue is affected. This 4-handed effect is not just twice as much therapy, but represents opportunities for change that are unavailable with a single therapist.
  • This session is recommended for individuals who experience a pattern that affects the whole body, especially 3-dimensionally (ie front to back or through rotations), or for those who would like to make progress more quickly.
  • $200 or $300

1-Hour Aston Movement Session

  • Scheduled in a 1-hour or 1.5 hour time
  • These sessions focus solely on movement coaching, whether it’s an Aston Toning session with Amy or a running lesson with Peter.
  • Ask about the possibilities!
  • $75 or $100

To schedule, call or text our office cell number at 979-492-9492!

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