Breathing for Christians

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In this 30 minute presentation, Peter Minke, PhD provides a scriptural and physiological basis for using breath as a wellness tool. Some Christians have concerns about using breath because of Eastern or New Age religious practices.  Hopefully, this presentation will not only allay these fears, but help you access a tool to enrich and deepen your spiritual and physical experience.

Listen Now!  Breathing for Christians

Peter proposes that things that are necessary for life can be effective tools for healing (Listen to An Introduction to the Four Essentials for Life.)  The Four Essentials are Food, Water, Air and Love.  In the Air category, Peter teaches how to utilize breath as a wellness tool.

6 thoughts on “Breathing for Christians

  1. Dr. Minke, this podcast was extremely helpful. I know the eastern practice of Yoga has truth in it, but I also know if a person is not consciously seeking God through Jesus, the enemies of God (also known as the angel of light) can easily deceive. I love the way you explain how a Christian can use breath. Also in my faith and practice I have experienced a transfer of power from a highly anointed minister to myself through blowing breath on me. I experienced it but now I have an explanation for it. Thank you! You are a great blessing!

  2. Thank you for the teaching on breathing. After studying John 1 last year, which states that by Him all things consist, I believed that I could experience Christ through essential oils in a more intimate way as in my belief they are the essence of Him. As you taught the mind engaging process of loving God through breath, it brought to mind that we breathe in each other in our most intimate relationships. Why not breathe in the very Lover of our Souls? Thank you for engaging the Scriptures and sharing such a dynamic truth!

    • Hi, Karen! Sorry for the delay in responding – to your comment on “Breathing for Christians.” Peter is currently planning blog posts. Do you have a particular interest?

  3. So appreciate your teaching on the breath. So beneficial on stilling oneself and to invite the power of God into mind, body, spirit. Thank you! Love the Christian approach.

  4. A friend shared one of your u-tubes videos with me today. It was inspiring to me and fit perfectly with my plans to seek health and wellness this

    year and I think you have the tools I need. I am especially interested that it is a Christian approach , I believe God allowed me to see this today to help me on that path!! God bless you

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