YL Wellness Program

YL Wellness Program with Peter Minke, PhD

Join us on a year-long journey for 2019 as we implement a wellness strategy that encompasses lifestyle changes, diet adjustments (or overhaul), expert advice on supplementation and use of essential oils, and daily action steps in video format.

Here’s the plan for the year:

YL Wellness 2019
Quarter Diet Elimination Month Body System Environment
1 Trans Fats 1 (January) Respiratory System toxic fragrances
2 (February) Blood & Lymph Systems personal care-body
3 (March) Digestive System (liver) laundry & dishes
2 Artificial 4 (April) Elimination System (bowel, kidney) cleaning
(flavors, colors, 5 (May) Integumentary (skin) system personal care-face
preservatives…) 6 (June) Reproductive System feminine hygeine…
3 Refined 7 (July) Musculo-skeletal System gym bag
Sugars 8 (August) Cardiovascular System yard & garage
9 (Sept.) Nervous System caffeine
4 Refined 10 (Oct.) Immune System purifier, spray
Grains 11 (Nov.) Endocrine System holiday – cooking, travel
12 (Dec.) Cellular (Antioxidant) modifying recipes


You’ll receive a “What to Order & Why?” video installment for your Young Living Essential Rewards order. It will include the supplement program for the body system of the month and supplies to help make the environmental lifestyle change. We’re taking it in increments so that by the end of the year, we’ve learned about and gotten in touch with every system of the body AND most areas of lifestyle.

Would you believe this is free on MinkeWellness?  What’s the catch?  There’s no catch.  But there is no way I can share what I know about wellness in an hour a week….

How serious and committed are you?

  • Some will only want to dabble in wellness, preferring to go back to destructive habits when things get tough.
  • Some think they don’t deserve to be well or that wellness is not possible for them.
  • Some want to commit to daily wellness but know that they need more support and encouragement than a video can give.

We all need help!  Let us help you maximize your wellness.  For those who are serious, join us in our secret Facebook group for more accountability, information, interaction, and support on your wellness journey.  Here we will have additional breathing exercises for increased body awareness, movement lessons for better body mechanics, additional lifestyle redirects, and community support from others who are walking the wellness walk.

Join the group for only $50 for the whole year — Peter Minke, PhD will be doing Facebook Live videos weekly, so you’ll have direct access to ask him questions and troubleshoot your wellness journey! [BTW, that's less than $1/week to receive expert information!] Also, we’ll be adding more content to fill in the details and answer questions in the Facebook group.

2019_01 BSWW_square

For 2019 — you can access the “Body Smart ~ Wellness Wise” Bootcamp in January — where you’ll focus on building the most important wellness skill, paying attention to your body! This bootcamp is FREE for members of the YL Wellness Program Facebook group. So, join today!

Click Here to Join

Onsite Training highlights Dr. Minke’s previous courses and presentations. Dr. Minke is available for training and speaking engagements. If interested, please send an email or give us a call.

If you are looking for Audio & Video Training, Minke Wellness has produced a variety for free and for purchase.


9 thoughts on “Training

  1. My husband and I attended the Young Living Conference in June and found your class very helpful. We were hoping that we could get a copy of your slides for future reference. I did go out and “like” you on FB but didn’t see where I could download a copy — not a huge FB user.

    Thanks so much!!

  2. I purchased your set of Volumes 1 &2 Family with EOs at a YL conference 2 months ago, I found it very helpful. I’d like my team to hear these and to purchase sets for team members who reach significant mile-stones. I only see them as separate CDs. Do you sell the set?
    Great info!

  3. Hi Peter Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the speech you gave in Brisbane, Australia recently. Myself & my team members enjoyed your informative talk very much and we do hope that you will come visit our country again and present us with some more of your knowledge.
    I hope that you & your family got to enjoy a little of Australia and it wasn’t all work!!
    Kindest regards
    Caroline Keown

  4. Hello. I am attending your class coming up on November 21 with the Oily Family Team in Southlake, TX. I can not wait. I have seen that you have been to Cairns, Australia. I lived there for 2 years. Do you have plans on returning. I have some friends interested but it is hard to get them more interested when they can not attend a class and it’s just not the same watching it on a recorded video! If you do could you please let me know!


    Kelly Real

  5. I attended your talk in Dallas at the recent Young Living meeting and would like to know if you have meetings in Bryan that family members could attend.
    Thank you very much!
    Karan Wright

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed your class yesterday in Colleyville. So thankful we have an educator who not only has experience with all the YL products, but who worked at YL in their labs on a scientific level. You offer the credibility that is vital when sharing about our products. Much is over my head…but that’s what you are here for! Blessed to have attended a few of your classes. Thanks for all you do! Yesterday was not only educational…it was fun!

    • Yes, you can share the YLWellness2017 with your members as long as the material is viewed through our website or FaceBook page (that material is not copied and reposted elsewhere).

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