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Stress can be deadly.  Most of us recognize that we’re overly stressed, but do we do anything about it? What about hidden sources of stress? Or, self-sabotaging habits that bring more than normal stress into our lives and our bodies?

Peter Minke, PhD, examines stress using the framework of his Four Essentials for Life: food, water, air and love.  From each of these perspectives, Dr. Minke delves into common stressors, sneaky sources of stress, and possible ingrained habits that manifest stress in our bodies.  Fortunately, Peter also discusses ways to help decrease stress and alleviate its effects.

Dr. Minke discusses Young Living products that he finds support his healthy lifestyle.

DVD: Audio with PowerPoint Presentation (120 min)

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2 thoughts on “Wellness Approach to Stress

  1. I just attended Dr Minke’s training session in Dallas. I wanted to make sure I had understood you in something. Tou did not recommend usung oils in sensitive areas, i.e., armpits, groin, eyes, nose, etc. During my first training class my upline said the oils could be inserted both rectally and vaginally for fastest results. Comment ? another wuestion I have is I have been told you CAN’T be allergic to the oils; if you have a reaction it is because you are lacking and need that oil. Comment ? thanks so much for the help. You are an excellent speaker and very entertaining. God bless.

    • Hi, Susan! Sorry for the delay in responding. Your comment got lost among the spam! I probably can’t answer that question compliantly… I’ll just reiterate the number one safety rule is that if you are having an unpleasant experience with an essential oil in any area of the body, sensitive or not, then dilute with vegetable oil. Hope this is helpful! As for allergy, I’m sure that there are people who experience true allergies to some oils. In my experience, most people who exhibit an unpleasant reaction to the oils (especially after using them for a time and then developing this reaction), is that it’s a detox reaction – the oils can help the detox process along. In my opinion and experience in my own body, I experience unpleasant detox reactions when my body can’t eliminate the toxins fast enough. In that case, I would back off on the essential oil use and increase supplementation to support the body’s elimination systems until the detox subsides. (I’d like to remind you that I am not a medical doctor!!)

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