YL Wellness Program


What is the YL Wellness Program?

Because of Peter’s wellness journey as a 30-year cancer survivor and his expertise with a PhD in Cell Biology, he was asked often about how to live a healthy lifestyle. These conversations would often be overwhelming for the person asking…

What they really needed was a wellness overhaul. But, how can you download the process in one easily implemented conversation???

Out of this need, Peter developed the year-long YL Wellness Program.

The Goal: to be more well at the end of the year than when we start!


The YL Wellness Program is systematic and DAILY. Yes, daily… because wellness is a daily endeavor. The YL Wellness Program gives you the framework to

  • Examine your diet and lifestyle – and make positive changes – over a year’s time, so that changes are do-able.
  • Follow an expert-designed supplement program.
  • Become more self-aware so that you know what supplements and resources your body needs on a daily basis.
  • Learn about your body and how it functions so that you can intervene in your health BEFORE there are big problems.
  • Gather the tools, resources, and experience to manage detoxing or cleansing.
  • Focus on a different body system each month, plus eliminate toxins from your diet and environment.

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Here’s the plan for the year:

YL Wellness Program
Quarter Diet Elimination Month Body System Environment
1 Trans Fats 1 (January) Respiratory System toxic fragrances
2 (February) Blood & Lymph Systems personal care-body
3 (March) Digestive System (liver) laundry & dishes
2 Artificial 4 (April) Elimination System (bowel, kidney) cleaning
(flavors, colors, 5 (May) Integumentary (skin) system personal care-face
preservatives…) 6 (June) Reproductive System feminine hygeine…
3 Refined 7 (July) Musculo-skeletal System gym bag
Sugars 8 (August) Cardiovascular System yard & garage
9 (Sept.) Nervous System caffeine
4 Refined 10 (Oct.) Immune System purifier, spray
Grains 11 (Nov.) Endocrine System holiday – cooking, travel
12 (Dec.) Cellular (Antioxidant) modifying recipes

You receive a “What to Order & Why?” video installment for your Young Living Essential Rewards order. It will include the supplement program for the body system of the month and supplies to help make the environmental lifestyle change.

You work in increments so that by the end of the year, you’ve learned about and gotten in touch with every system of the body AND most areas of lifestyle.


Would you believe this is FREE on MinkeWellness?  What’s the catch?  There’s no catch.

Follow us on Facebook – videos are posted in order throughout the year.

Or, watch at your own pace on YouTube! Each body system has its own Playlist.


How serious and committed are you?

  • Some will only want to dabble in wellness, preferring to go back to destructive habits when things get tough.
  • Some think they don’t deserve to be well or that wellness is not possible for them.
  • Some want to commit to daily wellness but know that they need more support and encouragement than a video can give.

We all need help!  Let us help you maximize your wellness.  For those who are serious, join us in our exclusive, subscription Facebook group for more accountability, information, interaction, and support on your wellness journey.

Join the group for only $75 for lifetime membership (normally $100) — Peter Minke, PhD does Facebook Live videos weekly, so you’ll have direct access to ask him questions and troubleshoot your wellness journey!

You also gain access to exclusive, archived course content:

  • Winter Wellness (4-part series)
  • Body Smart ~ Wellness Wise Bootcamp (4-week intensive)
  • Curious About Cleansing (3-part series)
  • 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse
  • Science of the Red Drink (6-part series)
  • YL Supplements How To (3-part series)

Join now!

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