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YL Wellness Program

Be more well by the end of the year than you are today! That’s the goal.

Let’s do this thing!

Click here to pay – and we’ll get you added to the Facebook group! Go ahead and email us at peter@minkewellness.com or text at 979 ~ 492 ~ 9492 and let us know.

blue-sale-label-1425212205U9bSALE through Monday, March 8, 2021! 25% Off!

Lifetime Membership: $75 (normally $100)

Join us on our exclusive Facebook group for more accountability, information, interaction, and support on your wellness journey.  The “YL Wellness Program″ exclusive, subscription Facebook group,  it’s lifetime access for only $75 (normally $100)!Peter Minke, PhD does Facebook Live videos weekly, so you’ll have direct access to ask him questions and troubleshoot your wellness journey! Also, we’ll be adding more content to fill in the details and answer questions in the Facebook group. Feel free to ask questions! Extra Bonus: As a member of the “YL Wellness Program” exclusive Facebook group, you’ll have access the Body Smart ~ Wellness Wise Bootcamp to start you off right!

2021_02 Wellness Preparedness_coming soon(COMING SOON in March & April 2021)

Plus, you’ll have access to the archived courses:

  • “Winter Wellness,” 4-part, focusing on staying well and managing the holidays;
  • Body Smart – Wellness Wise Bootcamp (28 days)
  • “Curious About Cleansing,” 3-part, overview of cleansing and ways to incorporate it into your wellness journey
  • “5-Day Nutritive Cleanse” – guided process
  • “Science of the Red Drink” = 6-part series on scientific papers on Red Drink ingredients (wolfberries, MSM, lime)
  • “21 Day Red Drink Challenge” + 15-day challenge
  • “YL Supplements How To,” 3-part series


2 thoughts on “Exclusive Subscription Facebook Group – Payment

    • Hi, Margaret! We will be sharing on our public Facebook page, Minke Wellness, the same as usual!! The only change is that we are closing access to the EXTRA Facebook group, YL Wellness Program, in which Peter does Live videos and extra classes.

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